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Digimon Card Game Rising Wind Pack Set RB01

Digimon Card Game Rising Wind Pack Set RB01

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DISP. DAL 18/08/2023

Special packs limited to 36 card types!
These packs feature all-new text and a limited number of types for a greater chance to find rare cards!
The character lineup focuses on the Digimon Ghost Game anime, and this set includes many cards of the new Digimon starring in this series!
New packaging size for the Digimon Card Game to attract more users!
Packaging now includes packs and a promo card as a set!
When placed in stores, the packaging draws in users and makes for an easy purchase!
1 of 7 PR cards included! Featuring 1 rare PR card!
1 of 7 exclusive PR cards are included. These PR cards are Alt Design cards from the main series!
1 of these cards has a low pull rate, an Alt Design Siriusmon.

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